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Club Policies

All members should abide by the Club's Code of Practice for Members.


In addition members are asked to familiarise themselves with the Club's Rules (its Constitution) and Regulations. Please adhere to these at all times and exercise common sense and courtesy.


Matches should be played according to the LTA's Code of Conduct.


The Club is registered with the LTA which means it has policies and procedures in place so that the Club provides the right environment to ensure the welfare of members and encourage everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives. These policies and procedures are available for members to view below.

The club adheres to a range of other policies, a list of which is below and which can be found here:

1.  Safeguarding Policy

2. Diversity and Inclusion Policy

3. Changing room Policy

4. Complaints and appeals policy

5. Accident and emergency procedures and forms

6. CCTV policy

7. Travel Consent form

8. Code of practice for young persons

9. Code of conduct for Parents and Guardians

10.Photographing and filming of children policy

11. Volunteer recruitment policy 

12. Code of conduct for Club representatives

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