Club Tennis

Club Tennis sessions are the heart of the club and any member of a suitable standard( assessed by the Club coach) can  play as many sets as they like.


Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon,

the Club runs doubles tennis sessions,

between 2pm and 6pm.


On Saturday afternoons from June 5th. there will be

organised pre-booked club tennis from 4-6 pm. 

for the first 24 players who sign up via this website.

You have until noon to sign up on the day of play.

The rest of the time will be turn up and play sessions.


You will receive an email ticket  confirming you have

signed up.  Players will be required to play in a 'court'

bubble in order to minimise the risk of spreading


There will be 3 rounds of 40 minute sessions. An 

event organiser will direct players to their respective 


Please familiarise yourself with the latest LTA guidelines  ensure you use the hand sanitizers provided by the Club and maintain social distancing.


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( Currently there is restricted weekend play due to LTA guidelines on Covid-19)

Code of Conduct for Club Tennis

Hartswood Tennis Club aims to provide a tennis venue that is safe, inclusive and has a positive atmosphere so that everyone is able to enjoy playing tennis at this club. Our code of conduct

and policies are designed to support this aim. The Club rules and code of conduct set out minimum standards of behaviour, which all members are expected to follow.
In addition, it is expected that members will 


  • not permit aggressive, offensive
    or abusive language or behaviour

  • encourage fair and safe play

  • discourage deliberate hitting a ball
    hard at another player from close
    range in social tennis

  • discourage disputes over line calls

  • leave the courts as we would
    hope to find them

  • talk quietly when play is in

  • wait until a suitable break
    in play to walk behind a court

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Please follow the Etiquette Guidelines when participating in these sessions.


You should wear recognised tennis clothing and correct tennis footwear as described by Rule 27 of the Club’s Constitution.


A set is completed when the winning team reaches 6 games. Should the club be exceptionally busy, the Club Captain (or other committee member) may ask the players to reduce the time to play a set (e.g. sudden death deuces).


Like the other club activities, club members volunteer via a Doodle and take it in turns to provide afternoon tea. For £1 you can have tea plus your choice from a selection of biscuits and cakes.


Occasionally, you have to sit and wait your turn for a short while to make up a set of doubles on a “first in first out” basis. If you choose to sit out, you will rejoin at the back of the queue.


Particularly useful on showery days, the Hartswood webcam allows members to view the courts and see if play is in progress before setting off for the club.