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Guide to Online Entry


Before trying to enter make sure you have worked through this checklist:
  1. You are a member of British Tennis and know your British Tennis number. If you aren't a member of British Tennis then as a member of Hartswood you can sign up for free here:  Choose the free Lite option

  2. Make sure you have an LTA rating. You can complete a self-assessment form online here:

  3. Make sure all your contact details in your LTA profile are correct. The email address and phone number there will be distributed to other players in the tournament so they can contact you to arrange matches

  4. If you are signing up for doubles make sure you know the British Tennis membership number of your partner. If you don't know this then you can find it using the Members' Area->Member Lookup feature of the Hartswood web site.

  5. If you are part of a doubles partnership please ensure that your partner also goes through this online entry process and specifies you as his/her partner. This does two things:
    1. Confirms the partnership
    2. Means both players will have accepted the Terms & Conditions, agreed to follow the rules and abide by the Fair Play values

Entry process

Entering is much like internet shopping except everything is priced as £0.00. It's simplest if you add all of the events you want to enter to your basket and then just check out once by clicking on the small basket icon on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

When entering singles events you obviously just select 'You' as the player. The 'Add another entrant' option would be suitable for a say a parent wanting to enter their children but won't really apply for adults.

When entering your doubles partner you should use the 'Add Player' option and then a screen will pop up where you can add them using either their name or their British Tennis number. We highly recommend using their British Tennis number as the search is country wide and there could therefore be other players with the same name you are looking for. You can find the British Tennis membership number of Hartswood members using the Members' Area->Player Lookup feature of the Hartswood web site. If you don't have a partner then don't worry, don't enter a partner and we will try and find one for you.

You can see that the system will remember people you have entered with in the past so when making future entries you won't have to do this step again.

Once you have added your partner you entry will look something like below:

Finally select the 'Proceed to Checkout' button and this screen will appear:

Ignore the yellow exclamation mark warning that may appear and just tick the check boxes confirming that you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions and agree to follow the Fair Play values. Note that you also have the opportunity to add a comment which is a note that will be sent to the competition organiser should there be anything you think he needs to know.

You can then click the 'Confirm Entries' button to make your entries. You will receive an automated email from the LTA confirming your entry. If you do not receive this then check your spam folder and if it not there then the most likely explanation is that your checkout did not happen and your entries are still in your basket. If that happens simply go through the checkout process again.

The email confirmation you receive will say:

At this stage your entry has been received but you have not yet been accepted into the tournament.

this is because this entry system is also used for very large national tournaments which are usually oversubscribed. In the case of Hartswood tournaments all entrants will be accepted and get to play so you don't need to do anything else. 

You can revisit your entry at any point by finding it in your Competition Calendar where it will appear under the month of June.

If you have any issues with your entries which you can't resolve online yourself then you can always send a message to the Tournament Organiser using this online form.