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How to Use the Floodlights

Purchasing floodlight tokens

Members can purchase floodlight tokens from the token dispenser which is in an outside cabinet to the right to the clubhouse doors.

Please note: The dispenser accepts £5, £10 and £20 notes only and does NOT give change.

Operating the control box

This video shows how to operate the floodlight control box.

Floodlight curfew

Planning permission for the floodlights imposed some restrictions on when then can be used:
  • On the front courts the curfew is at 9.30pm
  • On the back courts the curfew is at 8.30pm
You can put tokens into the control box for beyond these times and the display will show that you have time with the lights beyond the curfew. However, despite this the lights will cut out at the curfew time. Please make sure you don't waste tokens by putting them in for times beyond the curfew. No refunds are available for tokens wasted in this way.

Switch on and switch off

Although the lights will come on immediately they are dim to start with and take around ten minutes to warm up to full brightness.

Each court has a flashing blue light on one of the floodlight poles. This will first flash for one minute when there is only six minutes of floodlight time remaining. This generally gives you enough time to finish the current game and then go to the floodlight control box and top up with more tokens. If you do not insert more tokens then the blue light will flash again when there is just one minute of floodlight time remaining. This is your final warning that the lights are about to cut out.

If your lights cut out and you want to get them back on by inserting more tokens then be aware that once lights have gone out they will not come back on until ten minutes have elapsed. This is a design feature to allow the lights to cool before they restart as this greatly extends the life of the floodlight bulbs. If your lights go out and you immediately insert more tokens then you will effectively pay for ten minutes of time when you will have no light. It's better to either:
  • Wait ten minutes before putting more tokens in for your court
  • Move to another court where the lights have been out for over ten minutes

Safety lighting

When the lights go off one light on court is left on for a further five minutes. This single light provides enough illumination for players to see to collect their belongings and then safely leave the court. You should not continue to play tennis under the single safety light.