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Wimbledon Ballot 2019

When is the ballot?

The Club's Wimbledon ticket ballot this year takes place on Sat 27th April 2019 at 12.00pm (noon) prompt

Where is the ballot?

At the Hartswood clubhouse.

Who can enter the ballot?

To be eligible for the ballot you must have opted in for the ballot on the LTA site. You can check your LTA Opt In status for this year by logging in to the LTA site and checking here:

To be in the Hartswood ballot you also need to meet the following criteria:
  1. Be a paid up member of Hartswood Tennis Club for 2019-20
  2. Be signed up to British Tennis and have a British Tennis number. If you don't have one apply here, it's free.
  3. Have your British Tennis profile on linked to Hartswood. Click here to see how.
  4. Have been 'opted in' for the ballot in your profile on by 22nd Feb 2019.
  5. Have been aged 11 or over on 22nd Feb 2019.
Opting in last year does not mean you are opted in for this year. Every year you need to opt in again. 

Please CHECK THIS LIST for your name and see if it says you are eligible and opted in for this year. If your name is not on the list at all then usually this is because either we have no record of you having renewed your Hartswood membership for 2019-20 or no record of you being a member of British Tennis. This eligibility list is updated regularly as we get close to the ballot to reflect late renewals.

If you think that you should be on the eligible list but are not then don't panic. Sorting out a problem is usually something you can do yourself by logging in to your profile on and making sure you are affiliated to Hartswood and opted in. Occasionally this may be a problem with our records at Hartswood and sometimes it can be a problem with the LTA's records. If you can't fix the problem yourself then please send a message to the Membership Secretary via our contact form and we can advise what to do next. If you have any problems with your LTA profile then you can call the LTA on 0208 487 7000 and they can probably sort it out very quickly for you. 

Click here to see more details of the LTA ballot process. As a member of Hartswood you are affiliated to the LTA and should click the ' Venue Ballot' option. If your LTA profile shows you as a non-affiliate member then this means you will not be eligible for the Hartswood ballot as you will have already been put into the central BTM ticket ballot which the LTA runs separately.

How does the ballot work?

At the ballot the names of all opted-in eligible members get put into a hat and are then drawn out one at a time. There is no need to register when you arrive at the ballot, your name will already be in the hat and all you need to do is cross your fingers and hope it gets picked out.

When a member's name is drawn that member (or their representative) has a free choice of all the tickets left available at that point. This ensures that the winning members get a pair of tickets for a day they can attend and at a price they can afford.

I'm away on the day of the ballot, can I still enter?

Yes. As above you should get someone to come along and represent you on the day to make sure you get tickets at a price you can afford and on a day you can go. This person does not need to be a member of the club or British Tennis. Your representative will act on your behalf by choosing a pair of tickets for you should you be lucky and win. Make sure that they have a list of your ticket preferences with them so they know what tickets you could use. The list of available tickets can be downloaded from here. If you're not able to get anyone to come to act on your behalf then should your name be drawn the Ballot Administrator will allocate you whatever is the cheapest pair of tickets available at that point.

What tickets are in the ballot?

Click here to download a list of tickets pairs we have been allocated for this year. Check this list of tickets carefully before you attend the ballot so you know which days you can and can't do and, of the days that you can, what your date and court preferences are. It greatly speeds up the ballot process if people are prepared and don't have to start checking their diary if their name is drawn. If you are not attending in person and sending someone else to act as a proxy for you then make sure they know your preferred dates as they will have to select tickets for you.

Essential information

Click here to see a list of essential information from Wimbledon about going to the Championships.

How are tickets allocated?

Members names are drawn at random. When a person's name is drawn they can make a free choice of whatever pair of tickets has not yet been taken. This process is repeated until all the tickets have gone. If the member (or their representative) is not present at the ballot then the Ballot Administrator will allocate the member whichever is the cheapest pair of tickets still available.

What about Juniors?

Juniors who were aged 11 or over on 22nd Feb 2019 can take part. If a junior wins a pair of tickets then he or she MUST be one of the people who uses one of them. If it's a weekday then this means they will have to miss school and so you might prefer to choose a weekend ticket. The other ticket is for the Junior's guest, typically their parent or guardian.

Any Junior who is successful in the ballot who is under the age of 12 on the date that the ballot takes place must have permission from a parent/guardian who will purchase the tickets on their behalf and who will attend The Championships with them.

Who can use my tickets if I win a pair?

The member who wins the pair of tickets MUST use one of the tickets. The other ticket is for anyone he or she wishes to take as their guest. The guest doesn't have to be a member of Hartswood or British Tennis.

If the member winning the ticket finds they can't go then the pair of tickets need to be returned to the the LTA for reallocation to another British Tennis member. Wimbledon have a record of who tickets were allocated to and they do perform spot checks. If the member who won the tickets isn't present then whoever does have the tickets will likely be asked to leave the grounds.

Under no circumstances can tickets be sold on.

If I'm successful how do I pay for the tickets?

You do not pay for your tickets at the ballot. After the ballot you will receive an email notification from the LTA inviting you to log on to and pay online for the tickets you have won. You have 14 days in which to pay for your tickets but it is extremely helpful to the Club if you can either pay for your tickets, or decline them, as soon as possible.

The email notification will go to whatever email address you have in your profile on Please make sure this email address is up to date or you may miss the email notification from the LTA. Also make sure your postal address in your profile on is correct as that is where the LTA will post your tickets to.  If you win tickets but don't receive an email from the LTA then you can still check for your tickets and pay for them using this link:

The LTA will post you the tickets in due course. 

Where are my seats?

Seating plans for the show courts are available on and will even show you the view you will have from your seat:

What happens if my plans change and I can't go on the day I won tickets for?

If you discover this early enough, then simply decline the invitation to purchase that you received from the LTA. The tickets will go back into the Hartswood pot and can be reallocated to another club member drawn from the people who were unsuccessful in the ballot. If you find you can't use your tickets after you have purchased them you would have to contact the LTA for reallocation and refund. You can phone the LTA on 0208 487 7000.

You can not simply give your tickets to someone else. Wimbledon stewards can, and sometimes do, perform checks that the person allocated the tickets in the ballot is one of the people using them. If the member who won the tickets isn't present then whoever does have the tickets will likely be asked to leave the grounds.

Tickets available for 2019

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