Booking system help

As members raise questions about using the booking system an FAQ of answers to those questions will be built here.

I'm not receiving email confirmations

First check your spam folder. If your email system insists on filing confirmation messages as spam then you should be able to find some method for specifying that messages received from:
are not spam and should be routed to your Inbox.

If you can't find confirmations in your spam folder then check that your account profile is configured to send you emails. Go to My Account->Notification Preferences and check how you are set up.

I can't log in because I forgot/lost my password 

On the login page at the bottom there is a 'I Forgot My Password' link. Click this and enter the email address you used on the system and you will be emailed a new password so you will be able to log in again. Once in you'll be able to change your password in My Account->Change Password section.

I get a '500 error' or 'Unknown error' message 

The booking system is hosted on servers in the cloud provided by our domain provider. It is possible that these servers may experience an outage and that could lead to either of these error messages. Our provider will generally fix these problems quite quickly as they will affect many of their customers. Simply try again in an hour or so. 

I can't cancel my booking

Make sure you click the Delete link which is on the bottom left of the reservation screen and not the Cancel link which is on the bottom right hand side. Cancel means cancel what you're doing, ie exit without doing anything. Delete means remove the reservation. 

What is the Hartswood login?

You are prompted for this login when you click the link below to jump over to the booking system

Click to log in to the booking system and create/amend/delete a booking  (Hartswood login still required) --->>

This is the login that is shared with all members. It is in the letter that accompanies your shoe tag for the year. This login username and password change every membership year. If you don't have your letter don't worry as the username and password is in the email signature of every 'all members' email that comes from, typically the monthly newsletter 

This help doesn't answer my question 

if this page doesn't provide the answer you need then you can contact the booking system administrator via this online form.