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Online Court Booking

Court Bookings

The court booking system is now online:

  • Click to view current bookings without logging in to the booking system (Hartswood login still required) --->>

  • Click to log in to the booking system and create/amend/delete a booking  (Hartswood login still required) --->>

Booking rules

  • A court can be booked in units of 30 minutes for between 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours
  • A court can be booked up to 8 days and 9 hours in advance. This means if you are playing in a group on Saturday lunchtime you'll be able to sit down afterwards and arrange to play again anytime the following weekend and book accordingly.
  • A court cannot be booked less than 1 hour in advance. This is so people at the club who see a court is not booked and go on to play won't suddenly find themselves asked to vacate the court by someone who booked it only a few minutes ago.
  • There is currently no limit on how much court time a member can book. However, the system does support a quota system and if we find that people book but then don't play and don't cancel then a quota may have to be introduced.
  • If you know you will not be using a court please delete your booking ASAP so that other members may book the court

Guidelines and tips

  • If you are new to the system you will need to register before you can use it. Look for the First Time User? Create an Account link at the bottom of the login page. Fill in the form to create your account. For your 'Default Homepage' choose 'Schedule' The system will send you an activation email to your email address and you'll need to click the activation link in that email before you can log into the system. If your activation email doesn't arrive then first check your spam folder and if you can't find it there then send a message to the booking system administrator via this online form.

  • To make a booking simply click on the cell in the schedule for the court and start time of your booking. This will open up a window where you can then specify how long you want to book the court for and also enter a short title and description for the booking.
  • Put a useful reminder in as your booking Title. Something like short like 'game with John' or 'ladder match vs Tim' There's no need to put your own name as that will appear anyway.

  • In most cases you can leave the Description blank. However, if you are playing a tournament match it would be useful if you put a description which includes somewhere the word 'tournament'. By doing this the display in the clubhouse will highlight bookings for tournament matches in red which means other members can spot when these are happening and come along to watch and support. Similarly if you are playing a guest it would be helpful if you included the word 'guest' somewhere in the description along with the name your guest. This means you will be unlikely to have a committee member inquire as to who you are playing with, whether they are a guest and whether the guest fee has been paid.  

  • When you click 'Create' you will get a window pop up confirming your reservation and displaying a long reference number. Don't worry about the reference number, you don't need to remember or record it.

  • By default you will be sent email confirmations of your bookings and/or cancellations. If you don't wish to receive these then you can disable them using My Account->Notification Preferences.

  • To delete a booking you need to click on it to edit it and then select 'Delete' from the 'More' drop down menu. Note that clicking 'Cancel' just closes the edit window leaving the booking unchanged.

  • You can setup an iCal feed of your bookings which you can then use to sync with your Google calendar, Apple iCal, etc. Go to Schedule->My Calendar and then select Turn On Calendar Subscriptions. You'll then see the URL which can be used to subscribe to your court bookings calendar.

  • You can configure which page you see when you first log in via My Account->Profile and then choosing from the Default Homepage drop down menu.


If you are having any problems registering with the system or booking a court then check the help page first and if that doesn't provide the answer then you can contact the booking system administrator via this online form.