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Find a Playing Partner

If you've been playing tennis for a while and have reached the standard for joining in Club Tennis sessions at the weekends or playing in a team then you will meet a lot of players who are of a similar standard to you and with whom you can arrange to play games at other times.

If you are new to the game and either a complete beginner or someone who's an improver but still not quite at Club Tennis standard then there are other ways in which you can get to meet other members of Hartswood who are of a similar standard and would be good to practice with.
  1. Join in one of the Tennis Xpress group coaching sessions so you'll be on court with other beginners and improvers and can swap contact details

  2. Add yourself to our Hartswood register of beginners and improvers who are looking for a partner to play.

Playing Standards

Use these guidelines to help you identify your general playing standard:

You are completely new to the game and are working on the basics of how to hit the ball and rally

You can rally the ball fairly consistently and are now learning how to volley and serve reliably

You play in Club Tennis sessions and/or for one of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th teams

You play for one of the Hartswood 1st teams

Tennis Xpress for beginners and improvers

You can see more details on the dates, times and costs of these sessions on the Adult Group Coaching page.

Register of beginners and improvers

To join the register all you need to do is complete an online form. You will need a British Tennis membership number. If you don't have one then you can sign up for one for free at

You might also like to do the LTA self-assessment to get a rating. The LTA rating gives an indication of playing standard from complete beginner at 10.2 right though to the top players in the country at 1.1. As you play and win matches your rating number will get lower giving you something concrete to show for your efforts and a measure of your improvement.

Once you have completed the registration form you'll appear on the consolidated list of all Hartswood beginners and improvers below who are looking for a partner. You can search this list  to find someone of suitable standard who can play at the same times/days in the week when you would like to play. 

You can contact any of the players in the list via email by clicking here.

If any of the details you enter on the registration form changes then you can simply complete it again as only the most recent submission is used.

Registered players