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Switch to Paying Membership Fees by Direct Debit

Members are now able to pay by annual Direct Debit. We are able to offer this service through a trusted third party - GoCardless - that provides an easy and secure service at minimal cost to the club.

We have tried to make the setting-up as simple as possible and GoCardless will handle the majority of the process.

If you are interested in paying by Direct Debit then please click the link below to use an online form which will send us the following information:
  • the name of the person paying by direct debit
  • the email address of that person
  • the name(s) of the Hartswood members that you are paying for

--> Click here if you wish to request paying your membership fees by Direct Debit <--

Once we have processed your details, you will receive a sign-up invitation from GoCardless.  When you have signed up, we will be able to request the direct debit payment.

If you have any queries or problems using the online form then please get in contact with the Membership Secretary using our contact form.

It is important to mention that GoCardless do not share these details with any third party - other than your bank of course - and that includes Hartswood Tennis Club who will never have access to these details. They are stored securely and GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (like other banks).