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Club FAQs

What are the Club's rules?

The Club's rules are published here.

Where can I find the Club's policies and procedures?

The Club is registered with the LTA which means it has policies and procedures in place so that the Club provides the right environment to ensure the welfare of members and encourage everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives. These policies and procedures are available for members to view here.

When are the courts available?

Courts are available to book 365 days a year from 8am to 9.30pm. Some courts will be blocked out for pre-organised activities such as group coaching, matches, junior squads etc

How much does it cost to book a court?

Booking courts is free to members. The only cost is for floodlights.

How do I book a court?

Courts can be booked using an online system. To get started see the Online Court Booking page. This page explains how to create yourself an account and also what the booking rules are.

How do I operate the floodlights?

How to use the floodlights is fully described on the How to Use the Floodlights page of this web site.

How do I buy floodlight tokens?

Members can purchase floodlight tokens from the token dispenser which is in an outside cabinet to the right to the clubhouse doors. The dispenser accepts £5, £10 and £20 notes and does NOT give change. For more details see the How to Use the Floodlights page of this web site.

Where can I buy balls?

Balls can be bought from a Committee Member during Club Tennis sessions.

What facilities are available when the clubhouse is locked

As the club is run by volunteers and the clubhouse might be locked during the day. It is open during Club Tennis sessions and on weekday evenings when coaching or matches are taking place. The clubhouse has an outside toilet facility just on the right as you come in the entrance gate. A first aid kit is kept in this facility. The control box for the floodlights is on the outside wall of the club and can hence be used when the clubhouse is locked.

Can I bring a guest?

You can bring guests as often as you like with the proviso that no one guest can play more than three times in any membership year. The current guest fees are displayed by the gate on Court 2 and also on the clubhouse letterbox. Fees should be posted into the Guest Fees letterbox on the clubhouse door. Don't forget to sign your guest in on the sheet in the outside noticeboard to the left of the clubhouse doors. Guests must abide by the LTA Code of Conduct.

I'm a beginner/improver, how do I get some coaching?

Send a message to the Club's head coach using our contact form and the coach will get back to you with suggestions for either group or individual coaching.

How are playing standards defined?

Use these guidelines to help identify your general playing standard and thus which club organised sessions are suitable for you:

You are completely new to the game and are working on the basics of how to hit the ball and rally

You can rally the ball fairly consistently and are now learning how to volley and serve reliably

You can rally, serve and volley consistently and/or play for one of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th teams. Players of Intermediate standard can participate in Club Tennis sessions regardless of age, young or old. 

You play for one of the Hartswood 1st teams

Can I play in Club Tennis sessions?

A minimum standard of tennis ability is required for you to be able to participate in the mix-in Club Tennis sessions. This ensures everyone gets good games during Club Tennis. To be eligible for playing in Club Tennis you first need to have a hit with one of our coaches who will make sure you can, serve rally and volley consistently. The easiest way to do this is come along to one of our monthly 'Welcome to Hartswood' sessions.

I'm a Junior, can I play in Club Tennis sessions?

You are more than welcome to play in Club Tennis sessions as long as you meet the same playing standard as the adults and have come along to one of the monthly 'Welcome to Hartswood' sessions.

When can Juniors play at the Club

Except for Saturday mornings juniors can book courts to play on at any time using the online booking system just as any other member.

On Saturday mornings there provisions specifically for juniors and their non-junior friends and family:
  • During term time the courts are exclusively reserved for juniors from 8.30-12.30 every Saturday morning. The front courts will usually be in use for junior group coaching sessions but there will be courts available at the back for juniors to just turn up and play. However, note that you must play with another junior and not an adult as during term this is exclusive junior time at the Club.

  • Outside of term time from 8.30-12.30 on Saturday mornings the front three courts are available as Junior Family Time for junior members to use, on a pitch up and play basis, with other juniors or their adult friends and family who are also members. We encourage families attending these sessions to mix in as a good way of getting to know other family members. During this time the back three courts are available for non-junior members book and play on.

How do I join a team?

Approach a team captain for a game to see if your standard is suitable for one of the teams. To play for a team you must have a British Tennis number.

I'm a Junior, can I play in one of the Club's senior teams?

You are welcome to try out to play for a senior team in the same way as any member. We encourage you to do so, you are the future of the Club and British Tennis and the more real match practice you get the better.

I'm a Weekday member, can I join a team?

Team coaching and practice sessions are in the evenings. Matches are also in the evenings or at weekends. As a Weekday member you would not be eligible to play at those times and so to play for a team you would have to change your membership category.

How do I contact someone I have to play a match against?

The web page for the tournament will have a link to the Hartswood 'Contact Initiation System' which you can use to send a request for contact details for any non-junior member of the club.

How can I join the ladder/box league?

At any one time the Club will be running either a mixed singles box league or ladder. These are open to all members to join, including Juniors. To participate in the box league or ladder you must have a British Tennis number and also an LTA rating. Details can be found on the Tournaments page.

What should I do if I have an accident?

A First aid kit is available by the entrance to the kitchen in the clubhouse or, if the clubhouse is locked, then there is also one in the outside toilet. If you have an accident then you should record details of this on an Accident/Incident Report Form. These are available by the first aid boxes. Seal your completed form in one of the envelopes provided and post it into the Club's post box by the entrance gate. For insurance reasons it's important for the Club to have a record of any accidents or incidents.

What do the people on the Committee do?

The Committee run the club on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the members. You can see a list of the the current members of the Committee and what their job descriptions on the Club Officers page here.

What can I do to help the Club?

As a voluntary organisation the Club is always grateful for any offers of help. If you are interested in serving on the Committee or helping out in some other way then please approach a Committee Member.

How does the Club communicate with members

When you join you will be added the Club's Google Group email distribution list. We use this for sending messages on an occasional basis to inform members of news, events and also maintenance work that may affect court availability. Make sure your email is set up to allow emails from and not send them to your spam or junk folder. 

How can I submit a suggestion or feedback?

You can send us ideas via our feedback form. It's helpful if you leave your name and email so a response can be sent to you but you can leave a message anonymously if you prefer.

How do I enter the Club's ballot for Wimbledon tickets?

The Club's Wimbledon ballot generally takes place in early May and full details of how to enter are emailed out to members in April.

To be eligible for the ballot you must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be a paid up member of Hartswood Tennis Club
  2. Be signed up to British Tennis and have a British Tennis number. If you don't have one apply here, it's free.
  3. Have your British Tennis profile on linked to Hartswood.
  4. Have indicated in your British Tennis profile that you wish to opt in for the ballot.
  5. Be aged 11 or over on the day of the ballot.