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Handicap Tournament 2017

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Rules and handicaps

  1. Matches are best of 3 Hartswood sets, ie first to 6 games. There are no tiebreaks at any point. ie 6-5 games is a winning score in all sets.

  2. A deciding sudden death point is played at deuce. Whoever is receiving gets to decide whether they receive on the deuce side or advantage side of the court.

  3. Everyone starts at 0:0 and if you lose a game, you start the next game a point up (to a maximum of 40).

  4. If you then win a game, you reduce your score by one point e.g. from 40 to 30 and so on until you are back down to 'love all'.

  5. No player goes to a minus point.

  6. At the start of a new set, the score reverts to 0-0.

  7. If the total of the players/pairs handicap points for a game is even then the server starts serving from the Deuce side. If the total is odd then the server starts serving the game from the Advantage side. 

  8. Match results should be submitted promptly via this online form or by emailing the Tournament Organiser directly.

  9. Finals day is Saturday 10th June.

  10. If at any point you discover you won't be able to play on Finals day then please do not continue to play matches. Immediately inform the tournament director and give your next opponent(s) a walkover.

  11. When booking courts online for a handicap tournament match please use the word 'tournament' somewhere in either the title or the description of the booking. This means the Tournament Director can see that your match is scheduled and won't need to chase you. Matches flagged in this way will be highlighted in red on the court booking display in the clubhouse which means that you might get some other club members come along to spectate and cheer you on.


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Contact details

  • Click here to download player contact details. The usual Hartswood web site username and password are required.

Play by dates

  • 24/Apr - Round of 16
  • 22/May - Quarter finals
  • 05/Jun - Semi finals