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Box Leagues 2017

Round 2 matches to be completed by 30th August.

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Round 2 Standings

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Player Contact Details

  • Click here to download player contact details. The usual Hartswood web site username and password are required.

Match Schedule

There will be two rounds of the boxes running up to the end of August. The first round will finish on 19th June and the second round will finish on August 30th. This should give you ample time to complete your matches in your box.

Organising Matches

Players are responsible for organising their own matches. Please don't wait for others to contact you, be proactive and get in touch with the other players in your box early and get dates to play in your diary.

Match Format

Matches will be played using the FAST4 format. This is a new shorter format recognised by the LTA which should allow you to complete the match in around an hour. Full details of the scoring format can be found by clicking here, but the highlights are:
  • A sudden death point is played in a game should the score get to 40-40. The receiver chooses whether to receive on the deuce or advantage side. 
  • The sets are short and won by the first player to 4 games. 
  • At three games all a short tiebreak (to 5 points) is played to decide a set. At 4 points all a sudden death point will be played to decide the tiebreak
  • At one set all a Match (Championship) tiebreak to 10 points is played. At 9 points all in the tiebreak a sudden death point will be played to decide the tiebreak
  • There are no let serves. If a serve hits the net and lands in the correct service then the ball is in play and if the receiver does not return the ball she will lose the point.

Reporting results

The winner of a match is responsible for submitting the result promptly so the box standings can be kept up to date in timely fashion. 

Joining the leagues

If you would like to join the leagues then send the tournament organiser a message by clicking here. You will then be added into the next round of boxes

Round 1 Standings