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Mixed Doubles Ladder 2016 (1)

Ladder standings

Ladder administration

The ladder run online using Every participant needs to register on this site in order to join the ladder. Using this online system means the ladder pretty much runs itself. The system manages contact details, challenges, unavailability due to injury, illness or vacation and will enforce penalties for not responding to challenges or staying idle and not playing any matches.

Joining the ladder

Anyone can join the ladder at any time provided they have a British Tennis number and an LTA rating. You can see a full description of how get a rating and how they work on the LTA website.

Joining the ladder is done by submitting a request by clicking here. If you haven't already got a personal account with Global Tennis Network then you will need to make one. The ladder administrator will check that you have a British Tennis number and rating and if so will add you to the ladder. After you have requested to join the ladder you will get an email from the ladder administrator asking who your partner is. If you don't have a partner but would like us to try and find you one then please say so in your response to that email. If you are joining an already running ladder then you will be added at the bottom. However, note that as a new team on the ladder you get two wildcard challenges where you can play any other team on the ladder so that you can get yourself to a point appropriate to your playing standard. Make sure you use your wildcards wisely because if you lose them you'll then have to work your way slowly up the ladder from the bottom in the normal way.


All ladder players are required to have a British Tennis rating. This is so we can submit match results to the LTA as ratings matches so that you can improve your LTA rating as a consequence of playing in the ladder. You can see a full description of how get a rating and how they work on the LTA website. In addition when you make your profile on the online ladder system it will ask you for your Playing Level. The LTA's UK's British Tennis rating system uses a 10.2 to 1.1 scale based on match results, however the Playing Level is a reference the National Tennis Rating Programme (NTRP) number which is based on your skill level and works on a 1.0 to 7.0 scale. Check the definitions of playing levels by clicking here.

Making a challenge

Click here to see the full ladder. Choose who you want to challenge and then click the Challenge link next to their name.

Match format

All matches are best of three sets. The first two sets are normal tiebreak sets ie a seven point tiebreak at six games all. If it gets to one set all then the third set is a championship tiebreak ie a long tiebreak to ten points by two clear points. This keeps the length of matches down.

Submitting a result

Results should be submitted by the winning team by clicking here. If there is a third set champions tiebreak then please enter the points score for that tiebreak eg 4-6,6-4,10-5


  • Winners get £50 voucher to share
  • Runners up get a bottle of wine each
  • 3rd place get a can of balls each
  • Winners of most matches played receive a £25 voucher each towards a coaching session of their choice

Temporary suspension from the ladder

If you are unable to play for a short period due to illness, holiday, injury etc then that can be flagged by the ladder administration so that no one will be able to challenge you. If you would like to suspend yourself from the ladder then contact the ladder administrator supplying the dates you will be unable to play and the reason why.

Leaving the ladder

If you want to leave the ladder you can deregister by clicking here. When you deregister your results will be removed from the ladder software so before deregistering make sure you that all your results from the ladder have already been transferred to your profile on so that they count for ratings. If you are unsure then contact the ladder administrator.