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Box Leagues Autumn 2013

Round 2 matches to be completed by 23rd December.

Round 2 Standings

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Player Contact Details

Contact details for all players are available as a PDF document and all players should have received a link for downloading this document. If you have not received the link or have lost it then email the Tournament Director for another copy using this online form.


Not all players have a British Tennis number and/or rating rate. Don't worry we're working on making sure that everyone gets a rating and all matches will count for ratings even if the player doesn't actually have one at the time you play the match.

You can see a full description of how ratings work on the LTA website.

Match Schedule

There will be two rounds of the boxes running up to Christmas. The first round will finish on 4th November and the second round will finish on December 23rd. This gives you at least six weeks in each round to play the three matches needed for each player in each box.

Organising Matches

Players are responsible for organising their own matches. Please don't wait for others to contact you, be proactive and get in touch with the other players in your box early and get dates to play in your diary.

Match Format

Matches are best of three sets. The first two sets are normal tiebreak sets. If it gets to one set all then instead of a third set you play a Championship tiebreak. This is a long tiebreak with the winner being the first to 10 points by two clear points. With the winter problems of early sunset and possibly poor weather this format reduces the time needed to play a match and ensures more matches will finish in one bite of the cherry and not have to be completed on another day.

Reporting results

The winner of a match is responsible for submitting the result promptly so the box standings can be kept up to date in timely fashion. 

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of each Round one player will be promoted and one relegated from each box. The exceptions are:
  • Box 1 there will be two demotions and consequently two promotions from Box 2
  • The bottom box there will be two promotions and consequently two demotions from the next to last box
The reasoning behind the exceptions is to make sure in each following round there is as good a new mix of players as possible.

In each new Round of the boxes some new players may be added and some players may drop out. New players are slotted into a Box of appropriate standard to make sure all the matches will be as completive and enjoyable as possible. It is an inevitable consequence of these changes to the players in the boxes that you may not end up in the box you expected in the next round. Wherever possible promotions are honoured but some players may find themselves in a lower box than they expected but if they compare themselves to the other players in their previous box they will find that they have moved relative to those players according to the final ranking of that box.

Box Standings Explained

The standings are determined by the number of matches won. If players are tied in number of matches won then the tie is broken by the result of their head-to-head match. If no head to head has been played the number of sets won breaks the tie.
If sets won is the same then games won breaks the tie. The games won is not a percentage but the actual number of games won and this gives an advantage to the player who has played more matches as they will have had the opportunity to win more games.

Round 1 Results

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