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Junior Family Time (Mix In)

On Saturday mornings during school term time the courts are given over exclusively to our juniors for attending one of the comprehensive group coaching sessions or for playing socially amongst themselves on a pitch up and play basis. The Club believes it's important for the juniors to have this time at the Club where they are not competing with adults for court time and can also make use of the facilities in the clubhouse for other social activities such as table tennis or table football.

Outside of term time when the Saturday morning coaching sessions are not running the courts are allocated until 12.30 in the following way:

Front Courts

The front courts are still available to junior members but now they are welcome to bring non-junior members from their circle of family and friends to play with. The front courts are not individually bookable as the courts are to be used on a pitch up and play basis and we would encourage those who come to mix in as this is a good way to get to know the other family members at the Club.

Back Courts

The back courts are available to non-junior members only and can be booked through the court booking system.

To summarise, during these mornings there should be no non-junior members playing on the back courts and on every front court there should be at least one junior member playing.

Whether a particular Saturday morning is in or out of term time can be seen by checking the Club Calendar.